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is a K - 1 mini-unit with maxi thinking! It includes 12 ready to download activities with creative and critical thinking on varied levels of Blooms Taxonomy, as well as multiple intelligence options. Click Here to download this free mini-unit.

keys to teaching

Election Thinking! What's In a Campaign? a mini-unit of activities relating to what goes into a presidential campaign applying Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. Using the picture book, The President and Mom's Apple Pie, as a catalyst, each intelligence has 2 or 3 separate choices and several are connected to other intelligence's tasks promoting the kind of teamwork needed in a campaign. This unit is a great way to differentiate by interest, whole class or select clusters of students. Best for grades 3 - 8 as is, but could be adjusted easily for gifted and high ability younger students with some scaffolding. Click Here to download this free mini-unit.

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Sample Tic-Tac-Toe

I have been asked for a sample Tic-Tac-Toe showing how I have applied the varied thinking verb levels, process and products on a board. Intended for use with the novel, Secret Letters from 0 - 10, in my classroom, this is one example that worked well. I hope it will give you some ideas to pattern. Click Here to download this free mini-unit.

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** a little pep talk for beginning differentiation**

Maybe you understand the reasons why differentiation is needed, and even have a little understanding of what it looks like, but you think getting started may be too complicated, or you may do it wrong. Well, you can start tomorrow and it will work...start small...but start. Select one lesson that you really know well, and like to teach, but realize you need to kick up for some students.
As you look through the example I have created, think about how your lesson could fit into a similar plan. CLICK HERE to download this free sample.

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SCAMPER Away! (Big Brainstorming)

** explanations and downloadable graphic organizers.**

Are you often wondering how to get your students to broaden their responses and thinking? Well, if your answer is yes, try SCAMPER. The strategy is very open-ended, so it is easily differentiated by both the teacher and participants. Based on the work of Alex Osborn, the "father of brainstorming", Robert Eberle developed SCAMPER. It is an acronym for key verbs that help open up new ways of thinking and problem solving. Click Here to download free Scamper materials.

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And I quote "..."

Download free lesson ideas to see how this edition's quote can be used in your differentiated classroom.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe