Shortly after retiring, I was riding with my husband, Roger, and began reflecting back on 30 years in education. During this "tour down memory lane", I commented on the fact that many educators seem to come back to class day after day and teach with a passion that may not make sense to others in spite of the many difficulties which may lie ahead at any given moment.

Skeptics may say it is the summers off and the pay that fuels the fire. Other's responses relate to enjoying kids, liking the creativity involved, connecting with a certain subject, or wanting to help with learning.

All of the above reasons fit someone, but none seem to carry a real spark that lasts for years. So, as our drive conversation continued, I tried to link my own journey of pre-school through middle school teaching, 8 years as a K-5 principal and 8 more years as a gifted intervention specialist. I came to the conclusion that we return each day because we feel we are entrusted...entrusted not only to impart info from pages in a book, but to offer each child the opportunity to do his/her best learning at an appropriately challenging level, build creative and critical thinking skills for life-long growth and develop people who have a positive spirit.

Thus, Entrusted Teacher Consulting (ETC) was born from my desire to pass on the wealth of ideas, knowledge and experiences I have been fortunate enough to enjoy or develop. Now, I still feel entrusted - but, in a new way - to support and help educators feel empowered and entrusted to do their best differentiated teaching. I am excited about having the opportunity to share with you.