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As the developer of Entrusted Teacher Consulting, I'm committed to providing personalized and practical workshops, presentations and curriculum development on differentiation, questioning and thinking skills for teachers in gifted and regular classrooms. The flexible opportunities available assist teachers, administrators, parents and students in understanding and employing concepts, strategies and materials that:

ETC workshop or presentation options will be personalized to meet your needs and level of development. Click on the Product Gallery button to find creative plans for all interests, levels and topics. I hope the thoughts and materials shared here will inspire you to try something new, grow personally and professionally and thus - help our kids find the keys to their best learning and living.

NOTE: 2018 Fall OAGC Convention Handouts
Newest Blooms Thinking List
Tiering Activity Sheet
Question Guide
Words We Choose Matter
Click on the Product Gallery button.
NEW! Wise World of Words is a unit of 12 ready-to-go card activities that strengthen student vocabulary, understanding and interest in words and their connections, and more! The unit, based on varied thinking levels, products and content, also includes teacher information and recordkeeping materials; graphic organizers, activity pages and samples for student planning and creating. WWW is a great extension for students grades 3 - 8.

Keep checking back at ETC...there's lots more to come!

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During my 30-year educational career, I have had varied opportunities as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher, principal, technology classroom teacher and gifted intervention specialist. Many wonderful students, colleagues and instructors have inspired me to continue increasing my skills, knowledge and creativity. I look forward to sharing the best practices about which I am so passionate - they work!

As we move forward, I ask each person to - Imagine...you are sending into the world young people who are able to think, risk, create, share, and pass on a love for learning beyond what has ever been done before...YOU ARE ENTRUSTED!